Tips to online course facilitation – Austin Moodlemoot 2010

For the last two days, there has been a great MoodleMoot in Austin, Texas organised by the Moodle Partners Moodlerooms and Remote-learner.

Even from afar, the great schedule was shared with many outside of Texas by some excellent Tweets. Apart from the Dr Clarks keynote which was heavily discussed over tweets, I spotted one of the sessions on Online Course Facilitation which was nicely tweeted by Dr Eliezer Jones. These tweets were certainly worth sharing, so I thought these tips should be stored together outside of Twitter, hence the post!
The session subject was “Tips to online course facilitation”

Tip 1: Make everyone feel comfortable first Example: Blog by teacher talking about self, hobbies, interests, etc

Tip 2: Provide structure and reliability – Weekly outline of expectations with links to resources, etc.

Tip 3: Prevent stagnancy & dropout – Don’t sit back . Get involved and be a part of the forums, etc. Have an active presence.

Tip 4: Be ready for technophobia – Be sensitive and responsive to this need.

Tip 5: Be available – Students need response to questions within 24 hours (or sooner). Virtual hours are a good habit, too.

Tip 6: Peer interaction is essential – Use group work and collaboration

Tip 7: Understand diversity in learning –  Deliberately give options

Tip 8: Emerge, change & grow – One way is to poll students on their satisfaction (and attend Moot)

Nice to the point tips, sounds like a great session indeed. Thanks to Dr Eliezer Jones for Tweeting!
These were tweeks from during the US Moodlemoot in Austin, Texas 2010.
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