I had not time to complete a 10 lists of 10 for the earlier post, so here is another 10 “list” about Moodle

10 things you need to consider when implementing Moodle

  1. Authentication
    What system will manage the username, passwords and user profile data, is it going to be LDAP or some other platform?
  2. Account Enrolment
    Who assigns users to courses as the different roles (teacher/student) or to user cohorts?
  3. Course creation / management & roles
    Who creates or uploads the courses / and who changes and monitors them
  4. Look and Feel
    What design will you have for your themes for normal web usage, and what about for mobile usage?
  5. Integrations
    What organisational systems are you going to be integrating with Moodle (Virtual Classrooms, library systems and so on..)? Are there plugins for those systems?  or maybe they can use the Moodle web services ?
  6. Repositories
    What content repositories will you be enabling for users to store content in or originate content from Flickr? Dropbox? Google?Equella?
  7. Language
    What language packs will you need installed? Will you want to make changes to the language strings (Student to Participant for example)
  8. Hosting & Support
    Will you be managing the installation and code base yourself, or getting a managed open source solution (from a Moodle partner for example)
  9. Reporting
    What type of reporting is needed, who needs it, do you need to use a plugin or will standard suffice?
  10. Training
    What level of training do your staff and learners need for the launch and ongoing ? Is there an existing training program that can be utilised?

And of course, just because one considers them does not mean you actually have to do something with them!

So that was the 9th list of 10 things, now to figure out what the 10th list will be! 10 Moodle bloggers? 10 Favourite themes? 10 best Moodle singers? Must think on this!

For those who missed the other post, here it is:   Moodle is 10 years old – some Moodle-y Lists of 10

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