Moodle has been voted the #1 Course Management System in the yearly “Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012” poll held by the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, and came 11th overall in all categories.

C4LPT has is defined a Tool as “Any tool that you could use to create or deliver learning content /solutions for others, or a tool you use for your own personal learning.”

The votes come from a mix of backgrounds, with 582 votes this year – each selecting their top 10 tools. So it is not surprising that the top 100 is dominated by tools that can be used personally/professionally 82 out of 100 – not many people would have their own personal Moodle site for their own usage!

The full 100 list for 2012 is found ->

Below is the extracted list of those which were not deemed for personal/professional development usage were as follows:

RANK TOOL Description
11 Moodle Course management system
21 EduGlogster Interactive posters
22 Edmodo Educational social learning network platform
28 Camtasia Screencasting tool
31 Voicethread Digital storytelling platform
32 Adobe Connect Web conferencing software
37 Articulate E-learning authoring software
43 Adobe Captivate E-Learning authoring software
45 Sharepoint Collaboration platform
50 Blackboard Collaborate (previously Elluminate) Web conferencing software
54 WebEx Web conferencing software
56 Khan Academy Video learning platform
58 Quizlet Flashcards & study games
67 Udutu Collaborative course authoring
86 eFront Course/Learning Management System
88 PBWorks Wiki software
91 Mahara ePortfolio/social networking platform
95 Blackboard Course management system

So as you can see only three course management systems made it into the top 100 Tools list, however for the last six years, Moodle has stayed in and around the 10th position which with the increasing amount of personal type apps that are used for learning is a massive achievement.

The last 6 years positions were:

  • Top 100 Tools 2012: 11
  • Top 100 Tools 2011: 8
  • Top 100 Tools 2010: 10
  • Top 100 Tools 2009: 14
  • Top 100 Tools 2008: 9
  • Top 100 Tools 2007: 12

For full details on the poll – see the C4LPT Top Tools site

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