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Moodle Add-ons available on Kindle and iTunes

It took some time, but now the Book is available on both of the popular e-book platforms –  Amazon Kindle and iTunes. For those who havent seen my post about the new book before, here is a quick overview on … Continue reading

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Copyright licensing and files for use in E-Learning

Files for use in E-Learning This brings me to the use of Creative Commons and other licenses in e-learning courses. If you are using an image in your course that is CC BY – one of the most liberal of … Continue reading


Some thoughts on Licensing – or a License Smoothie

This is a bit of a ramble around a few ideas about licensing – so bear with me. I license some of the content on this blog as creative commons, under the CC BY SA, which is one of a … Continue reading


One approach for Group Project Grading

This topic came up in a discussion with an institution recently, about handling assessing and grading group project work. But it was not only about the teacher assessing but also the students having some impact too but not full-blown peer … Continue reading