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A Quick Look at Piwik Analytics for Moodle

Two years ago we built and released a Google Analytics feature for Moodle which offered some robust reporting for Moodle – beyond the standard url logging it logged the breadcrumb from Moodle – see here for details. This was released … Continue reading


Moodle Gamification Canvas

During the Moodlemoot in Edinburgh, I delivered a workshop on Gamification with Moodle. One of the tools I used was the Gamification Canvas which was modified for delivering Gamification through Moodle using the Moodle feature set. This goes through breaking … Continue reading

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Moodle Add-on Analysis Canvas

As part of the session today at the Moodlemoot Edinburgh on Moodle Add-ons, we have released an Analysis Canvas to help you assess plugins for use in your Moodle. It based on the work of Michael de Raadt and Gavin … Continue reading

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Zoom Zoom Zoom – Moodle Gradebook Fullscreen

We rolled a new feature on the Moodlemoot Theme today, which I expect teachers to fall in love with and have a long-term affair with. Many thanks to Bas for making this a reality! It begins with a gradebook, looking … Continue reading

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