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iMoot 2012 is just around the corner

Over the last two years, there has been a great online Moot, powered by a willingness to shared experiences and learn from others in their practice and implementation of Moodle. These fully online practioner conferences had a large number of … Continue reading

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A selection of presentations from the Ireland & UK Moot

Nearly 40 presentations from the Moot last week are now online, so  I thought I would include a selection of them here. These selection is random-ish, with no real preference on any. Hopefully the videos will be available in the … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the acquisition of two Moodle Partners by Blackboard

I have been thinking some time about the announcement nearly two weeks ago of the Blackboard acquisition of two Moodle Partners. My focus has been elsewhere so I have not had the chance to blog my thoughts until now. As … Continue reading

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Ireland and UK Moodlemoot 2012 – IMS LTI Demo

Last week at the Ireland and UK Moodlemoot 2012, I did a short presentation on IMS LTI. I have blogged before about IMS LTI; what it is; how Moodle could use it; and how a custom Module enabled Moodle act … Continue reading

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Moodle Quiz

As attendees will know, during the Ireland & UK Moodlemoot in Dublin last week there was a bit of Gamification at play. There were a number of things that people could do to earn points, and some of them were … Continue reading

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Destination Heraklion, Crete-Greece

If you are wondering where to head to at the end of the summer, stop the presses (or the brain cells at least) … On September 14-15 2012, there is a Moodle Research Conference taking place in Heraklion in Crete-Greece. … Continue reading

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