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Book Giveaway: Moodle Gradebook – By Rebecca Barrington

As you may have seen I recently reviewed the excellent book – Moodle Gradebook – By Rebecca Barrington. So now you have a chance to win an ebook of this excellent resource from Packt Publishing by anwering two questions in … Continue reading

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Review: Question type Drag and Drop Marker for Moodle 2

Today’s plugin for review is the Drag and Drop Marker Question Type. Background On Feb 13th, 2012 the Open University released to the community ten new question types for the Moodle quiz. These are question types that they had developed … Continue reading


Review: Certificate Module for Moodle 2

The plugin that I am reviewing today is the very popular activity module Certificate for Moodle 2. This activity allows the creation of a certificate in a course for download once certain criteria have been completed. Background This activity module has … Continue reading


Review: Activity Group self-selection for Moodle 2

The plugin that I am reviewing this time is the activity module group self-selection for Moodle. This activity allows students to select the group they want to be members of. Background This activity module has been around in some format since … Continue reading


Review: BigBlueButtonBN integration for Moodle 2 (updated)

The module for review today is the BigBlueButtonBN integration with Moodle 2.1. Background I had reviewed this integration back in May 2011, after using it when co-authoring the book Moodle 2.0 for Business for PacktPub with Jason Cole and Jeanne Cole. However … Continue reading


Plugin Review: 360 Degree Feedback and Training Diary for Moodle 1.9

Today’s review Module is a Moodle 1.9 Module. Although I have mainly reviewed modules for Moodle 2 there have been quite a few interesting modules released recently for Moodle 1.9 so this is the first of those reviews. Todays module … Continue reading

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