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Securing a Moodle Quiz on an iPad

So you want to run a high stakes exam on Moodle using the Quiz. You want to ensure that the learners taking the exam cannot access any other materials while doing so. There are a number of options at this … Continue reading

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Moodle Quiz Presentation

I recently created a presentation on the Moodle Quiz, so I thought it worthwhile me sharing it here. The quiz is really a powerful tool in the Moodle toolkit. If you are interested in learning more about it, below are … Continue reading


Moodle Quiz

As attendees will know, during the Ireland & UK Moodlemoot in Dublin last week there was a bit of Gamification at play. There were a number of things that people could do to earn points, and some of them were … Continue reading


Review: Question type Drag and Drop Marker for Moodle 2

Today’s plugin for review is the Drag and Drop Marker Question Type. Background On Feb 13th, 2012 the Open University released to the community ten new question types for the Moodle quiz. These are question types that they had developed … Continue reading


Plugin Review: Respondus web services for Moodle 2

Some time ago I used Respondus to help transfer questions from one format to a format that could be imported into Moodle. It worked well getting QuestionMark Perception exported files into the Moodle ready format. When transferring questions from Blackboard … Continue reading

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