Progress Bar – Moodle Block.

Having looked around for a solution for this for a while, I was immediately interested in this block. As the blurb about the block says its a time-management tool for students.

Details Name: Progress Bar Type: Block     Requires: Moodle 1.9 or later     Status: Contributed     Maintainer: Michael de Raadt


The installation is quite easy. The admin just drops the block code into the Blocks Folder, and goes to notifications on the Moodle Admin page. Then you are ready to go. There is a nice online video demo which is good to watch.


The usage is quite straight forward. Teachers simply select which of the existing activities or resources are to be monitored and sets the date by which they should be completed/viewed. This is then reflected in the visual display to the student.

Student Usage

It displays what activities and resources a student is supposed to interact within the current course. Its a nice visual display, colour coded so students can see what is completed and what is not completed (blue/green). If something is overdue, they will see red.


Unlike some modules, this comes with plenty of documentation and help files within the Module. If you arent sure of what each term means (Monitored for example) you can click the ? and it explains. This is good stuff.

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