Course Menu – Moodle Block

I have seen many implementations of a menu within courses. Some (like I do) often just add a HTML block, and edit a nice appropriate list of the topics which they want hot-linked, styled and grouped as wanted; some use mods to automatically list all the topics, and some use no menu. Its all about preference.

Type: Block        Requires: Moodle 1.6 or later     Status: Contributed       Maintainer(s): NetSapiensis AB

I like having a menu in courses with a good few topics, grouped up into sections, which is why this module said “download” to me. The added guidance of navigation through a course, is helpful and provides easier access to the section a student is working on and remembers where they were.

This block is a tree based expanding menu block. It can have links to the Gradebook, Calendar, Blog Menu and Messages blocks as well, but i only dont use those.  You can even define custom urls as well, for off-course reference pages, which can be very helpful.

This is not a simple drop in block, but its close. It is easy to install and I found there to be no problems with it using Moodle 1.9.5. Just drop the block in, and then drop the language files.


There is no link to documentation on plugin site but there is a simple readme in the zip file. Simple, because its pretty clear what to do.

Teacher Usage

Once its installed, adding the block and configuring it, is quite straight forward. You create chapters for your course, and allocate topics to each chapter. This provides a nice grouping mechanism which is a real bonus for some courses. The settings are shown in the below screenshot.

Student Usage

Its a very easy to use menu. The main benefit is easy and fast access to the correct topic without having to scroll forever, which is often an issue in courses.

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