DSpace 1.6 Overview at DSUG09 – Stuart Lewis

DSpace is 7 years old nearly from version 1. (8th november 2002)

1.6 approach was different than before, not only taking contributions and using a community survey to choose three features in 1.6

Back in May a survery was sent out, over 100 responses.

  1. Statistics
  2. Embargo
  3. Batch Metadata Editing

Feature leads were Mark Wood(Stats), Richard Rodgers, and Stuart Lewis(batch metadata)

Stats developed and donated by @mire.

  • New framework for events which happen in DSpace, eg Item Read – stored in SOLR
  • Can build tools to surface the data
  • Basic out of the box implementation

Embargo done through framework

  • Created by Richard Rodgers MIT and Larry Stone Harvard.
  • Allows custom implementations
  • Out of the box – single date and only embargoes bitstreams

Batch Metadata editing

  • Stuart/Leonie/Vanessa @ University of Auckland (core/jspui)
  • Kim Shephard (XMLUI)
  • Export Metadata for items/collections/communities/site
  • export metadata for search or browse
  • can open in open office or excel

Use cases:

  • Tidy up existing metadata
  • Restructure metadata a lot
  • find and replace globally
  • Add new items (metadata only)
  • Bulk moving items between collections
  • Bulk map items into new collections

Jeffrey Trimble (YSU) has improved the documentation – weeding and feeding it.

OAI-PMH Harvesting

Have 2 choices of collections:

  • regular collections or mirrors of external collections (harvesting them)
  • base URL
  • Option for files/no files
  • Option for references to files
  • Options for files

Authority control

  • Allows you to tie input forms to authority controls
  • can tie it to various authorities (Romeo Journal or publishers, or LoC name authority(SRU)
  • Ajax auto-complete or search and pick.
  • Extensible via plugins (examples and templates provided)
  • Larry Stone – Harvard and Andrea from CILEA (jspui)

Misc DSpace improvements

  • A service locator framework, come from DSpace 2.0 technology.
  • Configurable Script launcher configurable via xml
  • OpenSearch – Atom feed of search results – xml search output from Richard Rodgers(MIT)
  • Security – new improvements from BYU (Kate and Kuai) – created after security audit.
  • XMLUI file descriptions can be shown
  • Handle Version 6.2
  • Negative matching in IP auth
  • Internal server emails now include details of the logged in user
  • Lots of Sword improvements
  • Option to use gmail as mail server
  • OAI-DC Crosswalks more configurable
  • Set Creative Commons jurisdiction
  • Hide certain fields across different interfaces

Development Process

  • Weekly development meetings
  • More use of JIRA
  • First part is to review new submitted issues
  • So far 91 updates in 1.6

So when is 1.6?

  • Feature freeze now.
  • DSpace 1.6 0 test instances / test upgrades / scalability
  • Identify issues and fix bugs and re-test

(Looking for people to do test upgrades, not something easily available)

Hopefully by Christmas – depending on help the sooner and better it will be.

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