DSpace Roadmap Presentation at DSUG09

2009 brought a lot of changes to DSpace and Duraspace…

1.5/1.5.1 as the year began brought

  • Switch to Maven  and Overlays
  • XMLUI (Manakin) as well as JSPUI

Midyear 1.5.2 brought

  • Sword update to 1.3
  • Coocoon to 2.2
  • Various fixes
  • New Auth Systems
  • New Translations
  • Graceful resolver for URN

Also during 2009, they worked on some DSpace 2.0

  • Technology preview for OR2009
  • Some incremental development
  • Backported service manager to 1.6
  • DSpace 2.0 needs community support to move forward to complete.

Whats next….

  • More services/components
  • More generalised data model
  • Straightforward migration
  • Apply current dev/designs/community techniques


The new modularity/component aspect, leads to refectoring existing code into right building blocks for re-use in future. Will always be 90% done.

Data migration means updating database which in worst case the content store – but not likely. Using a data model means changing the cdode and evolving local procedures and authorisation.

Two UIS are expensive to maintain 0 double work vs mismatched features and neither universally accepted. JSPUI- outdated and XML a bit buggy and hard technically.

Development community is relatively small but dedicated. They go above and beyond to create the next version. THey are working to meet local needs.


  • Maven from 1.5.x
  • Refactoring and repackage
  • Overlays – multiple overlays can be unpredictable
  • Service Managers and components
  • Incremental migration to date
  • New Model alongside all old data
  • Augment data as required
  • Move to new code

UI Solution – Choose one?

  • Inevitably XMLUI manakin is the choice going forward?
  • Resolves differences
  • Provide some way to migrate customised JSPUIs
  • Subcommunities?
  • Address existing problems
  • Cookbooks in place
  • or keep both and have them compete?
  • Platform : rapidly changing area – factoring solution into service framework
  • Dev Team
  • – get more committers
  • – less tech and specialists?
  • – share more components
  • – rely on adjacent teams
  • – more commitment?


New Service framework, probably OSGi direction.

  • Used by Sakai and Fedora
  • Proven in Eclipse
  • It bundles  dynamic loading/unloading and evolving dependencies


  • Apache Model
  • PMC -1.0.+1
  • Majority for procedural issues
  • Minimum of 3 +1 for release
  • -1 can veto a code change
  • Who are PMC? existing committers.


Dspace and Fedora to maybe merge to one solution in dspace2.0/fedora as turnkey solution?

Some Timelines…

1.6  oct/nov/dec window

OR2010 brings pressure to push to release next version, so 2nd/3rd quarters…

Some Questions

What about roadmaps for sword/lni ?  History on sword is that as it improves, it rolls into the next version. Sword 3.0 has just been funded.

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