DuraSpace – Community overview – Valorie Hollister

Valorie Hollister started off with presenting a buzz lightyear model to the release manager of 1.5.2 for being brave!

For his efforts on 1.6 Stuart Lewis gets a magical question answerer (8ball?).

For their work on 2.0 – embarking on a new adventure, the dspace dev team – Ben, Mark and Graham, and Erin – a transformative symbol  Bacu Balls which change into beasts.

Finally, Valorie reflects that this meeting has been excellent and gives the swedish hosts some bubble blowing stuff!

The Community – how to become more involved

  • Register the instance on dspace.org
  • sign up for newsletter
  • Provide feedback to developers/dgoc/Ambassadors – Jira and Workgroups
  • Participate in listserv discussions forums and new social network
  • Offer expertise and references to the community
  • Become a DSpace ambassador (furthering network around the world)
  • Sponsor a training session or user meeting

What is a solution community?

Started in fedora, gathered around areas of interest. They are platform agnostic – building a knowledgebase, events resources and tools.  There are mailing lists and crowdvine sprout for each group. The organizing committee help facilitate these.

Existing Communities:

  • Data Curation
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Preservation and Archiving
  • Scholars Workbench
  • Small Archives

Social Network Requirements

  • Free and Open to all
  • Low Barrier for participation
  • Cusgtozable profile
  • Multi-level search
  • Ability to feed to / from other tools already in use


Interesting challenge will be how you get the newer “non email” users to get responses from the email community.

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