Navigation – Getting Around Moodle 2.0

When talking to people about Moodle one of the things they often bring up is the navigation and menus in Moodle. Common complaints were about the breadcrumbs which weren’t really breadcrumbs, and that the blocks in courses to help navigate didn’t really scale once you are in more than a few course modules.  These limitations made it a bit difficult to navigate around some Moodle sites. Navigating around a big course of 10+ topics also used to be brought up as a challenge although the excellent course menu block really helped solve this problem.

The following video demonstrates how the Moodle team has enhanced the navigation. 

Its still only a preview release and I am sure there are already developers looking at the new navigation and planning how to customise it, but it really is a huge leap forward in site and course navigation which will help student and teacher alike.

The only link I couldn’t find was the link to start the coffee machine so I guess that will take some time. 🙂

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