Conference: CanadaMoot 2011

Well, its only 3 weeks to go until the Moodlemoot in Edmonton Canada which will be my first time there. It  should be an interesting few days, and with so much on the Program it will be hard to choose what to go see!

There are some excellent workshops and presentations covering Moodle 2 modules, Moodle training techniques, Moodle Development Workshops, and Moodle integration and some  of the highlights which I am looking forward to are:

Michelle Moore of Remote-Learner sharing her experience on Best Practices in Moodle Course Design:

We will explore and discuss the common features of the “better” Moodle courses and work to bring together what we know about “best practices” in Moodle course development.

Jaime Lundrigan of Portage College talk on Developing Media for Different Modes of Delivery

This presentation will discuss how video and audio is incorporated into teach of these course formats. The presentation will also focus on some of the struggles with integrating media into Moodle and what works best. Good tips and tricks for audio recordings and video production for uploading into Moodle.

And of course the keynotes from Martin Dougiamas, and Stephen Downes and Paul Stacey will be sure to be packed solid!

It is sure to be an great Moot, if you are planning to go and haven’t registered yet, head on over and register and don’t forget you can attend virtually too!

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