iMoot Presentations

Last week, there was a very excellent online conference called iMoot ran by Pukunui Technology in Australia. This was the second year that the conference ran, and certainly built upon the great success of the first one last year having more super presentations.

The iMoot was an international conference held completely online enabling hundreds of Moodle users to join together to present and discuss many great topics including:

I presented on the topic of “The steps for implementing Moodle in an organisation moodle for business”. This was a topic originally taken from the book Moodle 2.0 for Business but turned into a more crowd-sourced presentation. I believe the recording is available from imoot site, so you can still register but here are the slides I used.

I also helped facilitate a panel discussion around the question “What makes a great Moodle course?”. This was related to the Course Creator Challenge where people were asked to create a short Moodle course on the broad theme of Climate Change looking at the topic from a scientific, linguistic, social, artistic, technological, philosophical, economic, mathematical, musical or whatever ‘angle’ they liked. The winner of this should be announced next week once marking is complete.

The slides were really just the catalyst for the discussions between the panel and the attendees of the discussion, here they are for reference as the recording is not available.:

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