New Moodle Docs Live

For those who have used the Moodle Docs wiki over the years, you will know how much valuable information is available there.  Over the years, the community has shared and collaborated to create a rich resource of information on Moodle, carefully overseen by Moodle HQ.

Up to now, there was one set of pages for a feature, which had all the information related to the different Moodle versions on it, however now with the release of Moodle 2.0 things are changing, and indeed have changed. Each release of Moodle from now on, will have its own version of the docs, so that when a feature changes from one version to another there is little or no chance for confusion.

Today the new Moodle Docs are live!

The Docs now have a new front page to make things easier for people to find what they want.  As you can see in the image below, the front page is an excellent landing page 6 panels helping direct you to the information that you need.

New Docs Layout

New Docs Layout

The 6 panels cover the 6 main reasons you would come to the docs and provide links to the key pages on each topic:

  • About Moodle
  • Getting your Moodle
  • Managing a Moodle site
  • Managing a Moodle course
  • Learning and evaluation tools
  • Managing Content

However, if you want a different navigation that is also possible too! There is a full table of contents page which is seriously comprehensive! The url is  and as u can see 20 is in the url now. the below image shows some of the very long table of contents!


Table of Contents

As always a wiki is a work-in-progress, and the new content will take time to be populated and of course, the work is never complete! And dont forget, the Docs are as good as the community help in  improving them!

There are some notes to help guide in the improving of the documentation. So if you have some time, lend a hand!

Really good job from the Moodle HQ team, keep up the good work!


Should add in that Tomaz Lasic has written an excellent blog post explaining the work behind the Docs.  A must read!!!




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