Upcoming Moodle Conferences in June 2011

May-June-July are the really busy months for Moodlemoots, and the after last week started the month of June off with a great Mountain MoodleMoot in Montana, I thought I highlight whats coming up in the next few weeks.

UK London,  7th June – Moodle Group Seminar

This half day seminar features Ruth Adams, the Head of Global Online Professional Development at the International Baccalaureate speaking on “Educational Technology’s Unfulfilled Promise: One futurist’s vision”.
For more information visit http://www.howtomoodle.com/moodle-groups

USA – Oklahoma City, June 7, 8-9 – MoodleMoot Oklahoma

Celebrating six years of Oklahoma Moots, this years moot features some excellent presentaters including Helen Foster, Anthony Borrow and Michelle Moore.
For more information check out the MoodleMoot Oklahoma site

Croatia – Zagreb, June 13 – MoodleMoot Croatia

This years MoodleMoot is about the technical features of the Moodle and is dedicated to the Moodle administrators, programmers and developers. The MoodleMoot is organized by E-learning Center of the University Computing Centre University of Zagreb.
For more information check out their website or their LinkedIn Group

Italy – Trieste, June 24 – MoodleMoot Italia 2011

MoodleMoot Italy is the annual meeting of Italian Moodle user. Since 2005, when the first Moot has been organazied by the local Moodle Partner, MoodleMoots in Italy has been held every year. Due to the great interest around Moodle in Coporate, universities, and Institutions, Italy also held a Moodle International Conference in 2008 and other Moodle specialized events. This year MoodleMoot Italy is organized and hosted by University of Trieste, on June 23th and 24th.
For more information on the moot visit http://www.moodlemoot.it/trieste

Tunisia, June 29 – MoodleMoot France

The French MoodleMoot is an annual conference of the French-speaking users of Moodle and this year is held in Tunisia and is organised by the Virtual university of Tunis (UVT) and the Association of Promotion of Research and Virtual Teaching (APREV)

For more information check out the site

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