Every click you take

As Moodle 2.1 is coming out in a couple of days, I thought I should probably publish something fun to celebrate.

I played with some words  a while ago, and for sure this could be improved, but maybe it will make some smile. If not, I apologise in advance for my sense of humor!

“Every click you take, I’ll be logging you”

Every post you view and every choice you do
Every resource you go through
Even if its a few, I’ll be logging you.

Every file you click, every movie and graphic
Every time you panic
And click back too quick, I’ll be logging you.

Oh can’t you see, your logs belong to me?
How the database aches, with every entry you make.

Every course you take and for every quiz that your late
Every backup you break
And give support a headache, I’ll be logging you

Since you’ve logged on I’ve been recording your steps to retrace
Statistics run at night,
But cron cant keep up with the pace
I look around for a server with more space
I find some old files which are okay to erase
So I keep logging more and more and more!

Every assignment you submit
That turnitin says is legit
Every grade you hit
and get a certificate
I’ll be logging you.

Perhaps we could be put to music at one of the upcoming moots? 🙂

That’s it for now, a bit silly, but that’s me. I will continue my module reviews at the end of this week

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5 Responses to Every click you take

  1. admin says:

    Thanks Hans!

    @Moodle_UK just made one as well – http://bit.ly/summerof11

  2. Matt Harris says:

    Very funny Gavin!

    Matt Harris

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