Adding a file from Alfresco into Moodle 2

Following on from some videos I did last year about repositories and Moodle, I added one about Alfresco and Moodle 2.

This video goes through two processes:

  • the steps for adding a file into Alfresco
  • the steps for pulling that file from Alfresco into Moodle 2

The integration used in the video is the native  Moodle 2 repository api for Alfresco.

For more information on repositories please check out the repository white paper and Moodle Docs and this article on managing alfresco with Moodle 2 which was part of the book that I co-authored earlier this year.

For other videos on repositories and Moodle 2 check out:

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2 Responses to Adding a file from Alfresco into Moodle 2

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  2. Devan Govender says:

    Thanks, for this. It really made setting up an Alfresco repository for my Moodle instance a piece of cake. However, I can’t seem to get the search option that appears in the alfresco file picker menu to work. I’ve added metadata to the content I uploaded in to the alfresco repository but still get nothing. Do you happen to know how to get this working?

    Thanks again 😉

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