A look back at 2011

I have really enjoyed sharing reviews and articles with people through this blog. So thought I should share a bit of the information about the most popular articles and the readership of the blog.

This is a list of some of the most read articles (in no particular order) on the blog. Multiple pages of same item / or versions of same page are collated.

Articles / Pages

Overview on Moodle 2 books (June)

Moodle 2 Module Reviews (March and updated over time)

Moodle 2 supports IMS LTI (November)

Official Moodle Mobile App for iPhone (September)

White paper – Moodle 2 Repositories (Oct)

White paper – A look at themes for Moodle 2 (November)


Review of the Book module (May)

Review of CROT for Moodle 2 (March)

Review – Course Menu Block (May)

Review – Bigbluebutton for Moodle 2 (May – updated in October)

Review – Remote-Learner Adobe Connect Pro Module (May)

Blog Readers

In the past year over

  • 23,000 unique vistors came to the blog.
  • These readers were spread across most continents and 160 different countries.
  • One third of all these unique visitors are regular readers of the blog.

Browsers & OS

These are the approximate percentages of visiting browser types:

  • Firefox 44%
  • Chrome 26%
  • Internet Explorer 15%
  • Safari 7%

Most visitors are using Firefox on Windows, but Firefox on Macintosh is the highest non windows option.

Nearly 10% of the visitors are from mobile devices. The most popular devices are Apple iPad, Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch with HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy coming in after them.


So that is it for 2011, it has been a very interesting year.

I will be starting off 2012 with a review of the book Moodle 2.0 E-Learning Course Development by William Rice. Packt Publishing have kindly given me a copy to review. Also in the pipeline is a review of the Moodle 2 version of ELIS (http://www.remote-learner.net/elis) and another book but this time on plugins.

Thanks to all for reading and for the feedback on the articles, and I hope that you all have a great 2012.

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