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I have reviewed nearly 40 Moodle 2 plugins so far on the blog with some others underway, and sometimes the same names of authors happen to come up on the plugins I have reviewed. So I thought it would be a good idea to find out about the people behind the code. So I asked a number of developers who have released plugins or themes to answer a short interview questionnaire so we could get an insight into who they are.

This is not meant to be a complete list of developers, just a selection based on ones I know most. I am sure I have left out loads of developers (including all of Moodle HQ devs, which I thought may be good to ask them collectively sometime) – so apologies to anyone who feels they should have been included and were left out! Also still waiting for a few to respond, which they may or may not.

These are the questions I put to them:

  • Tell us something about yourself
  • When did you first start programming?
  • When did you first encounter Moodle?
  • What do you use Moodle for?
  • What was your first Moodle plugin and why did you write it?
  • What is your latest Moodle plugin and why did you write it?
  • What would you say to someone who is considering writing a plugin?
  • Any Final thoughts?

Thanks to all who answered (and who answer in coming week), their interviews will appear over the coming two weeks with the first later today in no particular order.

Profiled so far: Mark JohsonDavo SmithJuan LeyvaJenny GrayMichael de RaadtDan MarsdenJoseph RézeauSam MarshallJustin FilipRichard OelmannBrendan Rollinson-Lorimer

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3 Responses to Developer Profiles

  1. Floyd Saner says:


    Thanks for this very interesting and informative series!

    I’ve enjoyed reading about the featured developers and found some new plugins.


  2. ghenrick says:

    Thanks Floyd, glad you found them useful and informative.

    The real thanks has to go to the developers who agreed to take part!

  3. zip says:

    Moodle fans, I would like to ask the Moodle community how we can engender it’s support for Polycom’s Media Manager (video content management) and Capture Series products… You can find info on them here –

    We have built a Blackboard integration for our Media Manager with LTI, but I don’t have any engineering resources familiar with Moodle..

    We have received many requests for Moodle, and I’d like to see if i can get the community here involved.

    Polycom can provide developers access to our products, and we’ll happily refer requests to the Moodle developer community if integration solutions become available.

    Interested developers can contact me directly at

    THanks very much.

    Bruce “zip” Zieper
    Director, Product Management, Video Content Management

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