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As attendees will know, during the Ireland & UK Moodlemoot in Dublin last week there was a bit of Gamification at play. There were a number of things that people could do to earn points, and some of them were short quizzes.

Now as the results of the winners will be announced tomorrow, we will be releasing the questions for the Moodle 2 for people to use for fun etc. So before we do that I thought I would do a short post on the type of reports one can do with the Moodle 2 quiz using the data from the quizzes. Thinking about even releasing a course backup of the anonymised quizzes so people have ready mate reports to play with, more on that in coming days.

Format of Quiz.

There was 20+ questions in a category and 20 questions were randomly selected from the category.

People were given 2 minutes to complete the quiz. It is not a lot of time, but enough time to get surprised by the timer!

All questions were on 1 page as page reloads would just eat up short amount of time.

The questions were a mix of Multi Choice, Short Answer and True / False.


About 70 people completed the quiz. No one got 20 out of 20 in the 2 minutes which would have given 40 points. The two highest were 28 which is quite good. In my test runs and knowing the questions I knew it was going to be a challenge.

The following graph shows the score distribution.

Overview of scores

Score distribution in the Moodle 2 quiz

More stats

The following images show more of the stats available:

Quiz information

Quiz information

question stats

question stats report

Quiz structure analysis

Quiz structure analysis report

You can also report on just one question in detail, here is one of them (I wont post all would be too long).

One Question Stats Report

One Question Report

All very interesting really, love the level of detail you can get to help improve your questions for next time you use them.

I will post the questions later in the week, but as I had been going through this thought I would post up some images.

So ….

How much have you used the reports in Moodle 1.9 ?

How much will you use these reports?

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  1. Have only really used grading and downloaded in Excel format. Will be interested to not only see the quiz again and have another go but to look at the different reporting formats in M2.

  2. sachin suryavanshi says:


    Currently I am using moodle 2.3 and i want quiz report analysis . Can you help me for the same.

    Sachin Suryavanshi

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