Ireland and UK Moodlemoot 2012 – IMS LTI Demo

Last week at the Ireland and UK Moodlemoot 2012, I did a short presentation on IMS LTI.

I have blogged before about IMS LTI; what it is; how Moodle could use it; and how a custom Module enabled Moodle act as a LTI provider tool.

So for more background I suggest you have a read of those posts:

To recap the key points:

Before explaining LTI, What is IMS?

The IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) is a global, nonprofit, member organization that strives to enable the growth and impact of learning technology in the education and corporate learning sectors worldwide.

The IMS name originates from the initial name of the organisation which was a bit specific – Instructional Management Systems.  Glad it changed to IMS 🙂

What is LTI ?

IMS is developing Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to allow remote tools and content to be integrated into a Learning Management System (LMS).

So basically it is a set of standard integration methods that enable two systems talk to each other in a common language/protocol.

So with that out-of-the-way, here is the presentation I gave last week (or at least a recording of what I demoed)-

Feel free to post any questions & comments below.

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