Some upcoming conferences and Moots!

The conference season has really kicked off now, and they are coming quite fast over the coming months.

1st Moodle Research Conference – Sep 14-15
The call for papers on the 1st Moodle Research Conference being held in Heraklion, Crete-Greece is nearly up as 14th May nears, so if like me your have your submission nearly done, time to finish it!
For information on the Conference check out

EdTech 2012 – May 31, June 1
Although not a Moot, this Ireland based EdTech conference is being held in National University of Ireland Maynooth has a focus on Digital Literacies. There are some very interesting keynotes (Martin Oliver and Lesley Gourlay , Martha Rotter and Doug Belshaw) and there is also a workshop session on Moodle 2.
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Here are some of the Moodlemoots in the coming 2 months:

iMoot 2012   May 26-29
This is an online Moot, focused on Communication, Collaboration and Community.  There will be a good number of presentations from Practitioners around the globe. The 4 day ticket is only 80 AU$ – which is great value so this is one not to miss.
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Mountain Moodlemoot  May 30, June 1
This moot is held in Helena, Montana and features a rich schedule over 2.5 days with a nice range of pre-moot sessions from Tammy Belgarde, Michelle Moore, Floyd Saner, a keynote from Laura Pasquini of the University of North Texas, and presentations from Helen Foster and Tim Hunt.
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MoodleMoot Oklahoma – June 4-6
The Moot will be held at the Metro Technology Centers, Springlake Campus. The first day is a selection of training sessions and then the main days will be broken into four/five tracks on Curriculum, Hands-on, Technical and Business.
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Moodlemoot Croatia – June 13
This Moot will be held in Zagreb, Croatia. The topics will include Implementation and development of the Moodle system

  • Teaching and Learning with Moodle
  • The technical side of Moodle
  • Moodle 2.x

The two named speakers are Joyce Seitzinger ( New skill of digital curation ) and Susana Leiṭo (Moodle and SIGARRA IS Рan integrated environment).
For more info check out

MoodleMoot Euskadi June 15
This Moot is held in Txorierri, Spain and looks to be a very interesting day with a number of key presentations and then three parallel sessions.
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French MoodleMoot  June 20-22
This 8th Moodlemoot in France will be held at the University of Nîmes. There is a wide choice of case studies, round tables, and Technical and training sessions including quite a bit on Moodle 2 and on Mahara.
For more info check out

Hungarian MoodleMoot – June 28-30
The Hungarian Moot is held at Szent István University in Gödöllo, Hungary. The first two days are presentations with the 3rd day of practical work. The presentation themes include elearning content development, ePortfolios and Moodle integration among others.
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  1. Tammy Stephens says:

    WI Moodle Moot Sun Prairie, WI
    August 6-7th

  2. Arnout Vree says:

    Don’t forget the moot in the Netherlands on May 30th. 🙂

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