Moodle Mobile goes HTML5

There has been a number of mobile options available for Moodle for the last few years. There was mPage – created by Mass Media, mTouch by PragmaTouch and then last year Moodle HQ released an official iOS mobile app which had a nice set of features and an interesting roadmap. Juan Leyva from CV&A Moodle partner in Spain released an “Unofficial Moodle Mobile App” using HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript – ie, web technologies rather than iOS or Android specific platform releases.

Today Martin Dougiamas has announced a major change as to how Moodle HQ will be supporting mobile development for Moodle.

In Summary

  • Moodle HQ is stopping development of the iOS app – although it will continue to work for now
  • The code for the official iOS app has been released under GPL
  • They have contracted Juan Leyva to lead the development of his Unofficial Moodle Mobile app to be a new one called “Moodle Mobile” which will be supported by Moodle HQ – this will be GPL licensed.
  • The expected release date for the first official “Moodle Mobile” is around the end of the year near Moodle 2.4 release.

Although I really liked the iOS app, and like the idea of specific apps, this is great news as it tackles the multi-platform issue in a scalable manageable way.

Sooo looking forward to the first release.

For the full post from Martin see:

For the roadmap for the Moodle Mobile app see:

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