Languages at Warwick- Moodle 2 Tool Guide

Teresa Mackinnon from the Languages @ Warwick team have released a tailored version of the Moodle 2 Tool Guide that they use in Language learning to incorporate the other tools they use.

Their portal is a talking Mahoodle – it integrates Mahara and Moodle and includes state of the art tools from Blackboard Collaborate for dealing with both synchronise and asynchronous voice over the internet for reliable interation online.

The platform allows flexible delivery of opportunities for key processes in language learning, namely: reflection, negotiation of meaning and creativity.

Their version is available on Slideshare ->


The other available versions of the Moodle 2 Tool Guide are

English version by Gavin Henrick (@ghenrick)
Spanish translation by Alfredo Ruiz.
German version by Ralf Hilgenstock and Susanne Gebauer and Gerald Hartwig
Czech version by Bohumil Havel & Jan Trávnícek
Dutch version by Gerda Flim
Simplified Chinese by Sun Zhigang

If you want to create your own version of the Moodle 2 Tool Guide I have added the Powerpoint to the original page. Just one request, if you can send me a copy of the changed one for an archive – that will be great!

The original Moodle Tool Guide for Moodle 1.9 was created by Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamasnz).

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