Upcoming conferences in September and October 2012

In September and October there are some really great MoodleMoots ready to tempt your attendance!

Swiss Moodlemoot, Sept 7-8
This held in the PHZ Luzern UNI/PHZ-Gebäude (UP) in Lucerne. Topics include Moodle Course Practice, Mahara, Moodle plugins and Mobile Learning. Joyce Seitzinger is delivering the keynote.

More info: http://moodle.ch/course/view.php?id=2

1st Moodle Research Conference, Sept 14-15
The conference is being held at a beautiful location in the historic island of Crete, Greece. The conference is focused on academics, researchers, experts and practitioners to sharing experiences, research achievements and innovative developments with Moodle.

Further information: http://research.moodle.net/

– I am looking forward to being at this! Roll on Crete!

MoodleMoot Brazil 2012, Sept 19-22
The moot is taking place at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (São Paulo).  There is still time to submit papers to the conference, with the deadline being 8/19/2012.

For more info check: www.moodlemoot.com.br

– never been to South America but definitely somewhere to think about for next year perhaps.

MoodleMoot Spain 2012, Sept 19-21
This Moot is being held at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. There are presentations from Stuart Mealor, a workshop from Martin Dougiamas and Juan Leyva speaking on Moodle Mobile, and many others on topics like repositories, Mahara, Rubrics and SCORM.

For more info check http://2012.moodlemoot.net/

I love Madrid – such a beautiful city, I am so happy to be attending!

MoodleMoot Hong Kong 2012, Sept 20-22
This looks like a cool Moot – with an interesting theme of “Ride the Dragon”.  This is the inaugural Hong Kong Moodle conference, and is being held at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS).

For more info check http://moodlemoot.hk/

MoodleMoot Italia 2012, Oct 5-6
This moot is being held at the Naval Academy in Livorno. There are keynotes from Martin Dougiamas, Helen Foster and Koen Roggemans. The topics for Moot cover Business & Training Networks, E-learning in the field of Defense, Higher Ed and Universities, Disability and Health Sector and Technical Aspects.

For more info check http://www.moodlemoot.it/

– Italy is one of my favourite places, this looks like a great place for a Moot. So tempting!

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