Presenters from Moodle Research Conference

These are some of the pictures of the presenters from the Research Conference day 1, hope I didn’t miss any and got the names correct.If not, please let me know!

I strongly recommending reading the papers from the presentations which are available in the full proceedings here >

 “Concept Tagging in Moodle”
Myse Elmadani, Moffat Mathews and Tanja Mitrovic.

Concept tagging in Moodle - Myse Elmadani (NZ) @ Creta Maris in Hersonissos Crete Greece

Myse Elmadani

Source: Leona Norris (@eona_norris

 “Interactive speaking practice, assessment and exercise sharing with Babelium plug-in”
– Juan Antonio Pereira, Silvia Sanz, Inko Perurena and Julián Gutiérrez.

Inko Perurena

“Supporting Problem-based Learning in Moodle using Personalised, Context-specific Learning Episode Generation”
Mark Melia, Michael P. O’Mahony, Dermot Brabazon, Barry Smyth, Lynda Donovan and Andrew Egan.

Mark Melia

“Case Studies: Using Moodle for Collaborative Learning with University and Senior Secondary Students”
Mark Paynter and Neville Bruce.

Mark Paynter talking on using Moodle for collaborative learning #mrc12

Mark Paynter

Source: Leona Norris (@eona_norris)

“The Inter-Orthodox Center of the Church of Greece (DKEE) online courses using the moodle platform: presentation of a primary and secondary education teachers’ training good practice”
Ioanna Komninou, Konstantinos Antoniou, Xanthi Chouliara and Maria Frentzou.


Ioanna Komninou, Konstantinos Antoniou


“Categorization of learning design courses in virtual environments”
Virginia Rodés, Luciana Canuti, Alén Pérez Casas, Nancy Peré and Regina Motz.


Virginia Rodes


“CADMOS: A learning design tool for Moodle courses”
Michail Boloudakis, Mary Katsamani, Symeon Retalis and Petros Georgiakakis.

Michail Boloudakis

Michail Boloudakis


“GLUE! – GLUE!-PS: An approach to deploy non-trivial collaborative learning situations that require the integration of external tools in VLEs”
Carlos Alario-Hoyos, Juan A. Muñoz-Cristobal, Luis Pablo Prieto, Miguel L. Bote-Lorenzo, Juan I. Asensio-Perez, Eduardo Gomez-Sanchez, Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo, Yannis Dimitriadis.

Carlos Alario-Hoyos

Carlos Alario-Hoyos


“Improving the design of courses thanks to graphical and external dedicated languages: a Moodle experimentation”
Pierre Laforcade and Aymen Abedmouleh.

Aymen Abedmouleh

Aymen Abedmouleh

“Learning and teaching with Moodle-based E-learning environments, combining learning skills and content in the fields of Math and Science & Technology”
Shulamit Kotzer and Yossi Elran.

Shulamit Kotzer

Shulamit Kotzer

“A Community approach to staff development in eLearning”
Tabitha Roder and Nicoletta Rata-Skudder.

Tabitha Roder

Tabitha Roder


“Innovation in Flexible and Collaborative Learning: Moving from theory into practice in Moodle 2.2”
Analourdes Herrera

Analourdes Herrera

Analourdes Herrera

So that is all from day one at the 1st Moodle Research Conference, more tomorrow!



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