Pecha Kucha – Submissions for Moodlemoot Dublin 2013

With the feedback that people gave after this years Ireland & UK Moodlemoot in Dublin, and the introduction of Pecha Kucha format for 2013, the Moot programme committee decided to include the short structured presentation format as one of the submission formats.

So what is a Pecha Kucha and what is it not?

It is not a speed presentation, it is a very structured format presentation. It is based on having 20 slides in a presentation thereby giving 20 seconds to each slide so that the slides auto-forward to the next one giving a total of  6 minutes 40 seconds length.

Here are some of the examples from this years Moot in Dublin,

How Moodle gets from HQ to you (and how you can help too) Michael de Raadt
Moodle translation Koen Roggemans
Computer-marked assessment in Moodle Tim Hunt
20 Essential Plugins for Moodle 2 Gavin Henrick
20 Moodle Improvements Daniel Mc Sweeney / Kyle Goslin

So if you like the format, consider getting your proposal in for the Moot as a Pecha Kucha rather than a standard presentation. It is fun and focuses the mind!

For the background on Pecha Kucha see Wikipedia –

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