Some interesting blog posts that I have read recently.

I like trying to keep up to date with posts from bloggers on learning and Moodle and related information. Here are some of the posts that I have read recently and that you may find interesting:

“How to load test your Moodle server using Loadstorm”

This is a step by step how-to to help test how well your Moodle can cope with a certain number of users. Now personally, I use Amazon cloud servers and jmeter for testing Moodle performance with my clients but this blog post is certainly a good read although it is for Moodle 1.9.

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“Why Your Moodle Site is Slow: Five Simple Settings”

As with all platforms, different options can often be tweaked and disabled even if not needed. This great post takes the user through five such areas in Moodle which many people may not need and that the Moodle administrator can change to reduce them impacting the site performance.


“Moodle custom fields”

Jenny Gray covers the topic of custom fields / metadata which arose the recent Moodle developer meeting. This is an interesting area and one to watch.


“Open technical debt?”

Although this is from 2 months ago, I think it is a good one to highlight as it tackles some really big aspects of ongoing code development which relates to Moodle development as well.


“Understanding Tin Can API”

Is this the son of SCORM, or SCORM NextGen? Either way this is one future of Learning Object interaction with Learning Platforms and this blog post is a great summary of what it is all about. I do wonder how this will fit in Moodle and will fit with LTI./


“MOOC, Motivation, and the Mass Movement toward Open Education”

Hans de Zwart blogged a session he attended about MOOCs at Learning 2012. As I recently took part in a MOOC, this post drew me in and really added some perspective on the whole area. Know what a MOOC is or not, worth a look.


“Adding Moodle 1.9 Block Restore to Moodle 2.3”

Mike Churchward is at it again with another multi-part series on Moodle development this time covering the development needed to have Blocks from Moodle 1.9 backups restore correctly in Moodle 2.

So far there are five parts: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

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