New icons in Moodle 2.4

Moodle have included some very good-looking icons in the upcoming release.

There are a number of changes, some of which I think will be very nice.

  • Activity icons are now colour and 24×24 in size
  • Action icons are now 12×12 and are monochrome.
  • The icon format is now SVG preferred and PNG version for fallback – which is great for different devices

Both the size and colour differential will really help on the look of the page. There are good design guidelines that are available for developing new ones to match the standard ones. There are now standard colours and sizes.

Here are the new icons:


New Icons for resources in Moodle 2.4



New Activity Icons in Moodle 2.4



New icons for blocks – for Moodle 2.4


So there they are. Great work!

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9 Responses to New icons in Moodle 2.4

  1. Steve says:

    The URL icon looks bad compared to the others.

    • Fred says:

      About that URL icon, the reason is probably because those screenshots have been taken before we fixed that bug. With the release date getting closer and closer there are a lot of improvements coming in every day.

      So do not worry, the URL resource will have its own beautiful and shiny icon as well. You will also notice that in the latest version, a padding has been added in between the activity names and their editing icons. A padding between the icons and the titles in the navigation block has been added too.

      Thanks for enthusiasm, I have to admit that I am, myself, loving those new icons :).

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  5. Peter says:

    Did you tried these icons on dark header in a block?

  6. Al Hovden says:

    Are these icons developed for mobile? I can see them forcing the items on the page further apart vertically to make it easier to use your fingers to tap on links. But… on desktop they take up way too much real estate when you have a course with a lot of content. Is there a setting to make them smaller for desktop?

    • mark hayes says:

      wondering the same thing myself.
      would very much like to reduce the 24×24 size of activity icons to 12×12.
      btw, they are displayed as 12×12 at –
      site admin > plugins > activity modules > manage activities

  7. T says:

    How to get them to my Moodle?

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