New icons in Moodle 2.4

Moodle have included some very good-looking icons in the upcoming release.

There are a number of changes, some of which I think will be very nice.

  • Activity icons are now colour and 24×24 in size
  • Action icons are now 12×12 and are monochrome.
  • The icon format is now SVG preferred and PNG version for fallback – which is great for different devices

Both the size and colour differential will really help on the look of the page. There are good design guidelines that are available for developing new ones to match the standard ones. There are now standard colours and sizes.

Here are the new icons:


New Icons for resources in Moodle 2.4



New Activity Icons in Moodle 2.4



New icons for blocks – for Moodle 2.4


So there they are. Great work!

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