Top Plugin downloads for the last 12 months (2012) recently added stats reports for plugins – an example of which is the Questionnaire Module Stats Page. It certainly has shown up some interesting information.


As you can see, it includes the following graphs:

  • Downloads by month in the last year
  • Total downloads by version
  • Version downloads by month in the last year

This is really very cool, well done Moodle HQ!

In addition to the “per plugin” stats page, there is an overview page which saves me having to do much data scraping to get some interesting info!

This graph shows the Top 20 of Plugin downloads (by total download) in the last year taken from the stats page:

Now one interesting point from this is that of the top 20

A few things pulled out:

These are very interesting stats, and it is great that they are public (not sure how long they have been around, but I only recently spotted them).

However, these are 12 month reports, so they also added in a report for the last 2 months. Although most feature the order is changed and some other items now are included (probably due to not being in the new system for the 12 months at a guess).

So from this info:

  • 8 Themes
  • 6 Activities
  • 3 blocks
  • 3 Course Formats

And the top items from this 2 month list are:

So Hotpot has squeezed its way in above Questionnaire by an extra 98! downloads in the last 2 months.


This is a very welcome addition to the plugins database, and will provide valuable extra information to admins and users of Moodle as to what are the most popular plugins and perhaps which they should think about evaluating.

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3 Responses to Top Plugin downloads for the last 12 months (2012)

  1. Thanks Gavin for this post, I had not spotted the addition. Awesome work by MoodleHQ.

  2. ghenrick says:

    Yes, it must be great for plugin developers to get the feedback of usage like this, especially as to which versions are being used.

  3. Frank Fucile says:

    Hi Gavin

    As usual great analysis and very useful info to the Moodle community – much appreciated


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