Moodle 2.5 is here!

As promised Moodle HQ has now released the much anticipated Moodle 2.5.  It is already available to download from the site and from GIT. The Moodle Docs for 2.5 are also available.

There are a lot of cool new things and improved old things in this release which are sure to make many users admins and teachers alike very happy. These include:

Starting with this release Moodle Docs will now have a page outlining the new release key feature improvements. Check out

For details on how to upgrade to Moodle 2.5 see here ->

For the full release notes check out ->

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  1. Jon Anderson says:

    I wan’t know if this new release has any updates related to “Standards Based Grading” or Quizzes that Moodle can track itemized performance on tagged questions and report the most current or overall performance on each tagged question (Standard).

    Math Teacher
    Bloomington Public Schools, MN

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