Upcoming Moodlemoots

If you are looking for a MoodleMoot to attend near you in the coming summer months, then there are a wide range to select from depending where you are.  I will be heading to a number of them including Romania, Barcelona, MedMoot, Research Conference and maybe more yet to be confirmed.

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Mediterranean MoodleMoot 2013
Sousse, Tunisia
2-3 October

2nd Moodle Research Conference
Sousse, Tunisia
4-5 October


Australian Schools MoodleMoot 2013
Sydney, New South Wales, AU
3-5 October


This coming wee

Hungarian MoodleMoot 2013
Budapest, Hungary,
27-29 June

MoodleMoot România 2013
Brașov, Romania,
19-24 August

Swiss MoodleMoot 2013
Lucerne, Switzerland,
6-7 September

MoodleMoot Spain 2013
Barcelona, Spain
26-28 September

North America

Mountain MoodleMoot 2013
Helena, Montana, USA
10-12 July

Southeast Moodle Mini Moot
Athens, Georgia, USA
19 July

Baltimore MoodleMoot
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
23-24 July

Portland MoodleMoot
Portland, Oregon, USA,
6-7 August

Midwest MoodleMoot
Naperville, Illinois, USA,
9-10 October

New Orleans MoodleMoot
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA,
5-6 November

MoodleMoot Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico,
15-16 November

South America

MoodleMoot del Sur
San Lorenzo, Paraguay,
18-20 September

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