Some Moodle Community Blocks

There are so many add-ons now for Moodle, with the community busy adding more and updating their existing ones. Here are a few community developed Moodle blocks that I have been recommending to clients for use in their Moodle sites.


Developer: Mark Johnson

This block provides a number of options for changing text size and colour scheme. Also integrates the very powerful and useful ATbar from Southampton University ECS.

Although most browsers provide a level of this functionality already, it can be handy to have it on the page.

One nice feature of this block is that it has a save settings option.



block_my_gradesMy Grades Block

Developers: K Holland, M Jin and J Chen.

This block provides a display of all enrolled courses’ overall grades and links to grade reports from the My Home page.

It will list all the courses that the user is enrolled in as a student and list the final grade from the Gradebook.

It will not show the grade if the course is hidden or the gradebook hidden in that course.

It will also display the grade correctly as per Gradebook settings, be it Letter, Real, Percentage.




Developer: Ralf Krause

This is a nice simple block that provides a search box for Wikipedia directly on the Moodle page.

I know there is debate in different organisations about whether students should be using and relying on Wikipedia or not, but for those who do encourage it this block is a nice addition to their Moodle site.




For more detailed reviews on a range of add-ons for Moodle, you can check out the Moodle Add-ons book that has information on the steps to take when assessing add-ons, instructions on setting up a test Moodle and  over 30 add-on reviews. It is available for Paperback, Kindle Edition and iTunes ePub


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