Moodlemoot Romania 2013

This year was the first time I visited Romania and the Moodlemoot which was held at the Aula “Sergiu T. Chiriacescu” a Universității Transilvania din Brașov. It was an excellent opportunity to meet so many other Moodle users  from across Romania, Moldova and further afield.

Aula "Sergiu Chiriacescu" a Universității Transilvania din Brașov

Aula “Sergiu Chiriacescu” a Universității Transilvania din Brașov

The venue was a university building with a super big theatre that could easily have taken 600 I guess, which reminded me a bit of a concert hall. It was really a lovely venue.

At the end of the Moodlemoot, the attendees got together to sing Moodle Happy Birthday – as Moodle had just turned 11 years old a few days before this.

I gave two presentations at the Moodlemoot. One was titled The road not taken – for those who like poetry you may recognise the title of a Robert Frost poem where he considers which road to take at a junction in a wood and takes the one less travelled by. This presentation focused on some of the great Moodle resources and activities that often get overlooked often due to not having seen them in action, namely Book, External Tool and the Glossary.

The other presentation was about using Moodle Add-ons to extend your Moodle site of which I have shared variations of at different events but have updated with some other plugins.



Brasov was an amazing town, with some truly wonderful buildings and views and very friendly people. On one of the evenings most of us met up in the old town square and some of us headed off for dinner

Moodlemoot Romania shared on

It also has a small mountain beside it which you can travel to the top of with a cable car – this was the view from the top of the cable car –

View down the cablecar route from Tampa Mountain in Brasov

View down the cablecar route from Tampa Mountain in Brasov


On the Friday we all headed off to Bran Castle which was a very beautiful building (if a pity that it was designed for short people)

Outside Bran Castle

Outside Bran Castle

Inside the courtyard at Bran Castle

Inside the courtyard at Bran Castle


I was lucky to get to join a few to visit Rasnov Citadel which has awe inspiring views.

Moodlers at the Rasnov Fortress

Moodlers at the Rasnov Fortress

For the rest of my pics of the trip check out the flickr gallery

Thanks to Cosmin and all the wonderful people who made me feel welcome. It was a memorable trip and I certainly must go back in coming years!

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4 Responses to Moodlemoot Romania 2013

  1. Oh it was so nice to see your post come across Twitter.
    I spent some time in Romania in 1999 right after the revolution with some of my Romanian friends. your pictures reminded me of them.
    Amazingly closed minded of me to not think about Romanians using Moodle!

  2. Mary Cooch says:

    Just wanted to say what lovely pictures – they really give a great feel for the Moot venue and surroundings 🙂

  3. Cosmin Herman says:

    Gavin, it was good to have you in our moot, the participants loved your presentations and the concept behind. Our team was thriled to have you there along other perticipants.
    For sure this is just a beginning of our collaboration.

    Probably you will be invited next year too 🙂

  4. Cosmin Herman says:

    We just got started organizing MoodleMoot Romania 2014, 18-23 August, it will be held in University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca.

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