Moodle Research Conference – Workshops and Draft Papers List

With just over a month to go the Moodle Research Conference 2013 being held in Sousse, Tunisia on 4th and 5th October, it is great to see some of the information on what the programme should be.


The two proposed workshops look very interesting –

The first one is a half day workshop titled “Exploring discussion group communication” which aims to get “a deeper understanding or the rich and multilayered data available in discussion groups within Moodle, and exploring the realm in across-cultural cross-linguistic fashion”.

The second workshop is a full day session on “Improving computer-aided teaching and learning in Moodle”. This aims to explore a number of points including “What automatic triggers would be useful to guide learners towards more effective learning?“.

A pity cloning is not an option to attend both.


In the draft list there are 12 full papers and 3 posters detailed. It is certainly good that this conference is only one stream I would pretty much hate to miss any of these. One of the presentations that I am looking forward to is where analysis on the use of Moodle add-ons has been undertaken – “Analyzing Moodle Plug-ins Across Several Thousand Sites”. That should be an interesting view into usage by sites of different extra features.

Another one is some research into the student perspective of Moodle titled “The Use of Moodle at Cass Business School: A Student Perspective” which is interesting for a few reasons including as it says “authors of this report are students at Cass Business School, which makes it the first piece of research of its kind, entirely focused on the student perspective“.

For full details on the Moodle Research Conference check the MRC2013 website

To register check here for registration details

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