21 countries represented at Mediterranean MoodleMoot – October 2,3 2013

It is less than four weeks now until the Mediterranean Moodlemoot being held in Tunisia. There are people coming from many countries around the world and I was informed today that it is now up to 21 countries that are going to be represented at the Moot. I love these global Moots which I see as essential for practitioner sharing across sectors, cultures and educational practices.

I also just noticed that the programme has been updated on their site too. It includes:

  • Martin Dougiamas, Moodle and Moodlers: present and future of a community of 70 million users
  • Zoubeir Tourki, Director of the “Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Sousse” – Tunisia –
  • Janvier Nkurunziza Can Moodle be a viable tool to educate the masses in Africa?
  • Hafsi Bedhioufi Usages de Moodle dans les FOADs tunisiennes. Cas du M2P3 et de MODECO
  • Paolo Renzi Moodle at “Sapienza” University: a case study
  • Albert Calvet OpenDrako Training Management System
  • Angelo Calò, Cecilia Dal Bon – Supporting teachers and students with moodle: use and deployment of Moodle at the University of Padova. A case study.Anne Garnavault Remy Créer des parcours personalisables avec Moodle
  • David Mudrák Integrating Moodle with external systems via web services (3h)
  • Richard Pettinger. Moodle in business Training and skills management for internal and external employees,
  • Naoufel Nabli Moodle 2. ,Quels avantages pédagogiques ?
  • Andrea Bicciolo Open Badges Moodle implementation (Moodle 2.5)
  • George Holt Riverina Institute VLE- a journey of integration with Moodle
  • Anna Krassa Back to “student”
  • Giorgio Manfredi A new way to build interactive L.O. based on paradigma of gamification.
  • Nitin Jain MooARPT – Moodle Advanced Reporting and Participation Tracking Tool – A reporting, tracking tool for teachers, administrators and organizations
  • Gavin Henrick Reviewing add-ons for use in your Moodle 101
  • Helen Foster Make the Most of Being a Moodler – The Rough Guide to Community Sites
  • Andrea Bicciolo Moodle in corporate environments: methodologies and case studies
  • Mary Cooch Il était une fois dans l’outback
  • Alfonso Mazzaccara, Donatella Barbina, Debora Guerrera – Problem-based learning in distance training for health professionals: a high interactivity model
  • Gavin Henrick Improving learner engagement through gamification of your course
  • Daniele Cordella The New Survey 2 Activity Module
  • Gavin Henrick The database module “Masterclass”
  • Andreas Hruska Kooperative – Moodle Plugin Development for Universities
  • David Mudrák Moodle localisation infrastructure
  • Carles Aguiló Collado Arabic math notation (in french)
  • Richard Pettinger Using Moodle as a management development support and resource
  • Marco Gianfranchi Moodle for beginners
  • Andrea Bicciolo Personalized learning paths

Plus a special session with Moodle HQ:

  • Learn Moodle MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) – Panel Session with Moodle HQ. Meet the users of the first massive course to collect comments and suggestion to develop next edition of MOOC

That is one nice list of presentations some of which I am really looking forward to including the one on the new survey 2 activity module!

So for registration details on the MedMoot check out their site as there is still time to register.

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