Open Badges and Moodle presentation

In the last two weeks I have been lucky to present at both the Barcelona Moodlemoot and the Mediterranean Moodlemoot on Open Badges and Moodle. After a short explanation of OpenBadges, the focus moves to the processes around rolling out badges.
The presentation ends with slides on the Moodle aspects of OpenBadges.

These are the slides which I used in the presentation.

What is your approach to badges?
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3 Responses to Open Badges and Moodle presentation

  1. Hi Gavin. Reading this in the middle of an Open Badges session at the Mozilla Summit in Brussels. Tim from and Dave from here in the room. Sneakily checking out your slides – looks good. I think this will be big.

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  3. John Love says:

    Thanks for posting this extremely detailed look at Open Badges and Moodle.

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