Moodle 2.6 released

This week the latest version of Moodle was released, Moodle 2.6.

This is a long-awaited version for many of the excellent features that have been added. There are new features for all – some which help students, some which teachers will love and some which administrators will dance over.

Moodle HQ also released some videos highlighting each feature on their YouTube account.

These are a few of the cool teacher ones:

  • The interface for editing a course is much improved – out with the line of icons and in with a nice usable drop down for editing (video)
  • Teaches can now annotate assignment PDFs in their browser without the need to download them. (video)
  • Teachers now have more control over the workflow of grading an assignment and who grades the assignment.(video)
  • The certainty-based marking for quiz questions has now got improved feedback options

These are the ones that help students (and other users):

  • Resetting your password in Moodle is a cleaner 1 step process, where you request the change and the link sent enables you to change it on the page. The link expires after 30 mins for security reasons.
  • The continued work on making the Moodle site work better on mobile devices is really paying off, with it working better on desktops, tablets and phones.
  • The text editor has been improved and made more user and device friendly
  • The Skydrive integration is now available in core rather than a plugin, which is great news for institutions using it!

Administrators – prepare to dance:

  • The bulk course creation tool has now made it into core which is really good news (video)
  • The user interface for management of courses and categories has been majorly overhauled and it is a huge timesaver now. (video)
  • The backing up and restoring of large courses has been improved performance wise which is great for all those 4-10 Gig courses out there!

As this will be the version that most Northern hemisphere organisations implement next Summer, it is great to see so many great new features and continued improvements across the board.

If you havent checked out the video playlist I am embedding it below.

For the release notes check here on Moodle Docs ->

To download it – check the usual download page or GIT.


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