Some potential Moodle improvements

There have been some very interesting discussions about potential changes ongoing on the forums by some Moodle HQ staff Here are some you may want to go look at and take part in!

Gradebook Survey
As you may be aware, Martin Dougiamas is running a Moodle Gradebook Enhancement Survey to get feedback from teachers about how they use Gradebook. This is the more detailed survey based on results of a short one they ran a few weeks back. If you have not yet taken the survey, I strongly recommend you to do so. Take the survey

Element Library
Damyon Wiese has posted a very interesting discussion around a specification for moving to an element library for Moodle. It has some great thoughts on templates the pros and cons and is definately worth a look if you are a designer or developer. See discussion on element library

Adrian Greeve posted that they are planning to implement a more flexible reporting system into Moodle.  This has spawned a great discussion – so if you have thoughts on reporting requirements you have for Moodle – chip in: See discussion on reporting

Navigation improvements
Frédéric Massart posted about the discussions about improving the interface and navigation options within Moodle to make things more user-friendly. They have a current draft specification which needs more feedback. Not all of the ideas are yet fleshed out fully, but some are and are looking very interesting indeed. Take part in the discussion

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