Moodle Working Group at UK/Ireland Moodlemoot in Dublin

There is going to be a Moodle Working Group full day session on the Monday of the Moodlemoot in Dublin on May 11th.

Working groups will bring together end-users who are interested in working together to make Moodle better. A working group is not the same as a workshop. Working groups actively involve experienced Moodle users who have an interest in improving Moodle for the community. Working groups should generally have no more than 10 participants to allow each member to contribute. There are likely to be one or two working groups at the Moodlemoot.

Earlier I interviewed Michael de Raadt about the Working Groups..

If you want to be involved you can volunteer?

Do you have an idea for a working group? Would you like to be a working group leader? Contact Michael at to suggest a topic.

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