As it is Poetry Day Ireland @PoetryDay_IRL, I felt inspired to write – been a while, so apologies! #PoetryDayIRL Text over the next few tweets, and then a recording to come at end.

Birds sing to me in the morning
Easing me out of my slumber like an orchestra
Dawn, creeping around the edges of the curtain,
Invades the silence amplifying the songbirds, for me.

Morning, in a modern jail, with unlimited freedom inside the walls,
Built of more than bricks, mortar and concrete,
Walls of duty,
Walls of legal obligation,
Walls of community,
Walls of hope,
Walls of love,
Walls of life.

The Nespresso, alert, readies itself for a busy day,
Building foundations, cup by cup, mug by mug.

Watching the empty road, in a silent rebellion
embraces every walker, runner, shopper, cyclist
to the murmur of the gentle tide.

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