Whitepaper – Moodle 2 Repositories

This paper is a look into some the repositories solutions available for Moodle 2, their features and the type of integration functionality.

The release of Moodle 2 brought with it a challenge which most Moodle administrators and teachers had not encountered before, that is, the integration of a content repository with the course management system.

The white paper has 3 parts.

Firstly it looks at the key issue in repository usage with Moodle 2:

  • the dilemma of Copying or Linking from repositories

Then it address repositories themselves

  • repositories in general
  • the specific repositories available for Moodle
  • their features
  • the level integration available with Moodle

Lastly, it look at two topics around repository usage, namely:

  • the Moodle 2 Private Files repository for users
  • the Processes for adding files to Moodle comparing 1.9 and 2.0


To access the white paper please select your preferred site:
For any queries relating to the white paper or  corrections on the white paper please contact me

6 Responses to Whitepaper – Moodle 2 Repositories

  1. mark hayes says:

    typo on p6, Content section.
    “one of the things that have to be in the back of your mind”
    should read
    “one of the things that has to be in the back of your mind”

    many thanks for the paper.

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  3. Bob Biggers says:

    Hi. Any compatibility problems downloading Moodle to a MacPro? Thanks

  4. Gavin,

    great work on the site. I was reading one of your eportfolio articles (the exabis one) and the word repositories caught my eye!

    On Friday, I was struggling with whether to enable a dozrn of so users (teacher level) with WebDav or FTP access. Both are set up and permissioned.

    I thought WebDav would be perfect – but I hit a snag, which you might have a view on …

    Is it possible to link to file in the Moodle WebDav (ie to know the URL of a file someone uploads) so that one can include this link/URL in another place, to link to the uploaded-into-WebDav file?

    A practical example might be:

    – teacher uploads an articulate presentation (zip file with data, player folders and a player.html file)
    – teacher unzips and does a ‘set main file’ on the player.html

    Yes this works perfectly for the resource itself – but if someone wants to include the link to this resource’s URL blah/blah/…/player.html file – I’m not sure how to ascertain this URL (besides using the resource.php URL which isn’t really what I’m after…)


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